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FREE Pick-up Service*

Since 2004 over 2,300 tons of materials have been diverted
from landfills.

Our Mission: To provide a chance for good material to be reused, to be an economical alternative for the community and reduce building material landfill waste.

We accept monetary and material donations. Donated building materials and supplies need to
be in good condition and resellable. Items that need assembly, repair, cleaning or processing
may require a cash donations. Items that are not reusable will require fees to be recycled.

All donations are tax deductible.
All donors will receive an itemized receipt.

When you donate materials to EcoStores Nebraska, you are conserving landfill space, giving good usable materials a chance for a second use,
as well as, contributing to community development.

Call 477-3606 before bringing donations
to the warehouse.

Craig Steward
EcoStores Nebraska Manager

402 477-3606

We offer free pick service for any materials in resellable condition within a 20 mile radius of Lincoln. Call 402 477-3606 for more information.

EcoStores is always looking for volunteers to share our mission, as well as the benefits of reuse to our customers and the public. Volunteers are welcome to work at EcoStores during regular store hours. Volunteers will be asked to learn and articulate our mission, help stock shelves, provide dusting and light cleaning, and work on special projects as needed.  

Volunteers must provide their own documentation forms. Call 477-3606 to arrange volunteer work hours.


Paint Donations

Paint that cannot be resold will be charged 

a $5.00 per can disposal fee.

- Be sure it is useable latex paint. Check the label: 

if it cleans up with soap and water, it is latex.
– Paint cans should be at least 1/2 full.
– Paint cannot have been frozen.
– Paint cannot be lumpy when stirred.
– Labels must be readable.
– No rusty cans.

EcoStores will dispose of unusable paint for $5/can. Call (402) 477-3606 for more information.

If latex paint is not usable, dry it out and dispose of it at home.
– Air dry small amounts.
– Use cat litter, oil absorbent, sawdust, shredded newspapers, or purchased waste paint hardener to solidify and dry paint.
– When paint has dried, place can in regular trash with the lid off.

402 477-3606

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